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Mr OP Dibakwane
Principal (Mathematics & Sciences)


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Awesome Institution

This is a great institution where I improved my maths and my physical Science skills but not only did I learn academics but also learnt a lot of life lessons on how to make it in life. Mr D is a great person who educates us also that hard work pays, I thank him because of his lessons, I am succeeding in university , I'd recommend this institution to anyone. As Mr D always says " Muntiro ya bula bula". Im greatful to this instituion.

Guest: Ntuthuko Bhiya (Past Learner)
Status & Position: Student At University Of Pretoria (BSc Quantity Surveying)
Country: South Africa
Date: 2015-06-22 18:27:25



Author: Luyanda Dube (Wits University)
Date Posted: 2011-06-18 19:38:56

My name is Luyanda Dube, a former learner of the Ebenhaezer Maths programme run by Mr D (Mr Dibakwane). I am also a former learner of Lowveld High School and currently an undergraduate at Wits University.

As we know Maths is a key element in academics and quite vital, it opens doors to furthering one's studies, expands ways of thinking in broader aspects and unlocks corners of the mind. Basically what I am trying to convey is that, without academic Maths many doors are shut for you and the career choices to choose from are limited which brings me to my next point.

We are not all gifted in Maths and Science especially Maths, I myself am one such a person. I began attending Mr D's Maths programme when I was in grade 10-12 that was from 2008-2010. I enrolled in the programme because I did not like Maths at all, so I would normally avoid practising it and deviate from it by focusing on other subjects. Consequently my grades dropped and I even considered taking up Maths literacy, though my parents would not allow it. So a friend of mine referred me to Mr D within, and months my Maths marks improved, and to my surprised I could go as far as saying I sometimes enjoyed and looked forward to going to Maths class.

Mr D is not a miracle worker, but he is a shepherd for the lost sheep. Diligence, commitment, dedication and obedience are the factors that when merged with Mr D's Maths programme one is bound to reap incredible results. Mr D is not the learner but you are, all he merely does is to show you the way. My marks doubled by the end of Matric, thanks to Mr Dibakwane's time, commitment and passion for his work.

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Luyanda Dube (Wits University)

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